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A Membership program is designed to provide Hospital Wing with financial support from its members in exchange for a reliable and available air ambulance service.  An individual's Membership payment or the Membership payment of your County of residence on a member's behalf covers member co-payment and deductible amounts that are otherwise billable on a per-transport basis, as allowed by law.  Because insurance does not always cover the full cost of air ambulance service, members could be responsible for outstanding balances that insurance does not cover, and a Hospital Wing Membership covers most of those balances for medically necessary emergency air ambulance services.  This Membership is not designed to be an insurance contract of any type.

By purchasing a membership, you agree to our complete Membership Terms.  

EMERGENCY MEDICAL CALLS:  Always call 911 when you need emergency medical assistance.  A physician, EMS provider or other authorized personnel will determine if air transport is needed.

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